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JoAnn Hunter Johnson, Ph.D.

JoAnn Hunter Johnson, PhD, brings to her clinical specialties and research an expertise gained from a wide variety of life experiences.

The mother of six who supported herself through four academic degrees at Penn State, Dr. Johnson began her clinical practice by developing new treatments for women with depression and men and women with sexual addictions---two groups she was once warned to avoid because they were "impossible" to help.

She has specialized in helping people cope creatively with death and dying, resolving problems of human sexual functioning, alleviating physiologic disorders caused by stress and problems of intimacy and relationships.

In much of her work she has helped people to deal with change "Learning to creatively cope with change is essential to emotional and physical health and well-being.. Change is an inevitable part of life and looking back we can see that our life has been a series of changes. We need to learn not to resist, fight or struggle with change but rather to accept it and make it work for us. Changes can keep a person ever young and vital in mind and spirit. Change is a part of the rhythm and dance of life."

Dr. Johnson taught for three years on the faculty of Penn State and then left to open her clinical practice. She has presented hundreds of community lectures, courses and workshops.

True to her belief in the positive power of change , in August 1998 Dr. Johnson closed her successful clinical practice and accepted a position at the Institute of Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Texas at Austin where she now does research on the molecular biology and biochemical analysis of HIV transcriptase assessment of drug resistance and DNA helicase function. She continues to consult to clinical practices and teach hypnosis and its applications in healing and self improvement.

Combining twenty-eight years of experience in the use of hypnotherapy for healing with her current experiences in modern biochemical anaylsis she intends to work toward establishing the molecular basis for the mind-body connection. And quite possibly empirical data to support hypnosis as a way to turn genes on and off.

She is a trained hostage negotiator, a certified sex educator and sex therapist, an approved consultant in hypnosis and has served five years as Treasurer of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

As counterpoint to her professional life she enjoys tandem cycling with her husband, cross country and aerobatic flying, gourmet cooking, dancing, gardening, water sports and creative handwork.

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