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An Li

I have been interested in biological sciences since I was in high school. That is why when I was accepted into Xian Jiaotong University, China, I chose Bioscience and Bioengineering as my major without hesitation. After my undergrad degree, I continued my Biosciences education at the Graduate School of Life Sciences at Xiamen University, China. During the three years, I have focused my research on several aspects of HBV infections, a major health problem in my homeland China, from its immunological diagnosis, clinical monitoring to epidemiology.

Prevention of infectious diseases is important, however, how to cure people who have already suffered from those diseases is equally important. To achieve this goal, knowledge on pathogenesis, drug development and resistance is indispensable. That's why I wanted to pursue my PhD from the University of Texas at Austin. After three rounds of rotations, I joined Dr. Kenneth Johnson's lab on May, 2011 since I found I was super fit to this lab.

Although I didn't have any experience in the study of kinetics before this time, I learned quickly since I really love this field of research. I am now working on the kinetic study of chimeric HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptases containing 69 insertion complex. I am studying them because HIV-1 with these mutations is resistant to all nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (nRTIs) currently approved by the US FDA. And this research should prove useful in the synthesis of novel nRTI.

I like reading, watching NBA games and building my muscles in the gym in my free time.


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