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Vendor Suggestions (DO NOT BUY Chemicals from SIGMA!!!)

  1. Always seek OEM FIRST! Always Buy REAGENT GRADE or better!
    eg. Inorganics: Fluka or EM-Science
    Organics: Aldrich
    "Good Buffers:" Sigma, especially Trizma®
    Restriction enzymes: NEB (Fermentas, if NEB does not have it)
    Ligase: NEB
    PCR: nucleotides - Promega
    polymerase - Stratagene Pfu Turbo Hot-Start Dyes: Molecular Probes
    Nucleotides: Promega, GE (Pl-Biochemicals) or USB, NOT Roche!
    Modified Nucs: Glen Research or Tri-Link
    IPTG: Calbiochem (Dioxane-free!)
    Glycerol for long term storage of proteins: ROCHE re-distilled Molecular Biology Grade!
    LC Resins: BioRad and GE-Health Care are both OEM for certain types.
    Membranes (eg. nitrocellulose): Whatman or Pall
    Dialysis membranes: Spectrum
    Acrylamide/BIS: bulk either Sigma or BioRad
  2. Beware of "Molecular Biology Grade" or "Cloning Grade":
    check QC to find out if cost is worth it! Is it REALLY MBG?
  3. Check the "RED BOOK" especially the comments section at the end of each section/chapter. These recipes have a proven track record!
  4. Any solution to be used by others in the lab MUST be prepared by an agreed upon protocol and recipe and ingredients!
  5. Record: Vendor, cat.#, and lot# for critical compounds like MDCC!
  6. Lab protocols?
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