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Preparation of Triethylammonium Biocarbonate (1 liter of 2 M)

  1. Mix 279 mls (202.4 gms) TRIETHYLAMINE with 721 mls COLD water. The triethylamine does not dissolve entirely, leaving an oily layer.
  2. Bubble CARBON DIOXIDE through the mixture using a glass sparger (aquarium stone) or frit for 1 to 3 hours until the pH drops to 7.5; the oily layer will disappear.
  3. Store 2 M TEAB stock solution at 4 °C.

Removing TEAB from Pooled Column Fractions

  1. Pool appropriate peaks.ID the appropriate peak by spotting samples on TLC plates. Freeze peaks until ready for drying. 
  2. Rotovap the pooled peak fractions to near dryness (< 0.1× starting volume). Resuspend residue in 80% methanol and repeat 3-4 times to remove all TEAB. Dry completely and dissolve final residue in water.
  3. Determine the concentration based upon extinction coefficient, aliquot, and store at -80 °C.
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