Current Lab Members

Name and Title Email address  
JoAnn Hunter Johnson, Ph.D., Sr. Research Associate jhjohnson{at}mail{dot}utexas{dot}edu  
Yufeng Qian, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow yxq104{at}mail{dot}utexas{dot}edu  
Jessica McKenzie, Graduate Research Assistant j.mckenzie{at}mail{dot}utexas{dot}edu  
An Li, Graduate Research Assistant lian8261{at}mail{dot}utexas{dot}edu  
Shanzhong Gong, Graduate Research Assistant gsz_407{at}126{dot}com  
Jaiwen Li, Graduate Research Assistant jaiwenli{at}utexas{dot}edu  

Former Lab Members

Louise Wang, Ph.D Employed in Industry 
Scott Auerbach, Ph.D. Post-Doctoral Fellow at MIT 
Jeremiah Hanes, Ph.D. Employed - Pacific Biosciences 
Zhinan Jin, Ph.D. Employed - Elios 
Harold Lee, Ph.D. Employed - Pacific Biosciences 
Yu-Chih Tsai, Ph.D. Employed-Pacific Biosciences 
Dipa Batabayal, Ph.D. Post-doctoral fellow at UCLA 
Matthew Kellinger, Ph.D. Post-doctoral fellow at UCLA 
Shuangluo Xia, Ph.D. Post-doctoral fellow at Yale University 
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